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Synthia: DIY Digital Music Sampler: Build & Code Your Own Synth for $109 September 23, 2022 at 07:00PM

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Synthia is a fun & unique music machine that combines the functions of a sampler, drum machine, sequencer & synthesizer. Create any beat using Synthia. There are five tracks you can use to make your perfect sound mix. You can even create your custom lightshow. It has 121 onboard LEDs that you can combine in your own creative way. Have fun hosting a disco party. And if that's not enough, Synthia also lets you record your own samples into Synthia with the help of a built-in MEMS microphone. Have a complete synth experience with no prior coding skills required.

  • DIY synth. Combines the function of a sampler, drum machine, sequencer & synthesizer
  • 5 tracks. Make your perfect sound mix
  • 121 onboard LEDs. Create your custom lightshow
  • Recorder. Record your own samples into Synthia with the help of a built-in MEMS microphone

Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • Anatomy guide. Learn about parts that make Synthia work
  • Build guide. Step–by–step guide with 100+ photos
  • Usage guide. Tips & tricks on how to use Synthia
  • Coding guide. Beginner–friendly with detailed instructions

Build Synthia and learn STEM

Hardware skills
  • Soldering & hardware assembly
  • Music sequencers & digital sound sample editing
  • MEMS microphones and sound production
  • Microcomputers & other electronic components

Coding skills
  • Coding in C++ & CircuitBlocks
  • Digital-to-Analog signal conversion
  • Editing sound recordings
  • How to custom code sound effects & light shows



  • Color: purple
  • Materials: plastics, electronic components, magnetic speaker, electronic circuit boards, metal nuts, bolts, spacers
  • Dimensions: 8.3"H x 5.9"L x 2"W
  • Weight: 10.58oz
  • Onboard LEDs: 121
  • Tracks
    1. Kick
    2. Snare
    3. Clap
    4. Closed hi-hat
    5. Open hi-hat
  • Sound effects
    1. High-pass
    2. Low-pass
    3. Reverb
    4. Robotify
  • For ages 11+
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Build time: 4hrs (approx)
  • Made in EU
  • Manufacturer's 1-year warranty


  1. Main circuit board
  2. Plastic casings
  3. Speaker
  4. Rubber anti-slip pads
  5. Brass standoffs
  6. USB-C cable
  7. Bolts
  8. Pushbuttons
  9. Button caps
  10. Headphone jack
  11. Rotary encoders
  12. Slider potenciometers
  13. Plastic caps for sliders
  14. Plastic knobs

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