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Sequoia Bluetooth Headphones by Outdoor Tech for $159 September 22, 2022 at 10:00AM

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Fulfilled by our friends at Outdoor Tech

Our most premium Bluetooth headphones, the Sequoia, have active noise canceling, touch controls: Previous/Next Track, Volume Up/Down, 12-hour playtime, a protein leather headband for a comfortable fit, Bluetooth 5.0, and a micro USB charge port.


Headphone Controls

  • Activate or Deactivate Noise Cancelling
  • Power On and Power Off
  • Play and Pause
  • Volume Up and Volume Down
  • Previous Song and Next Song
  • Answer Call or Reject Call or Hang Up Call

noise canceling bluetooth headphones swipe controls

Power On and Off the Sequoia Bluetooth Headphones
It is a straightforward process to turn the Sequuioa headphones on and off. You press and hold the multi-function button on the left side of the headphones for 2-3 seconds. If you are turning the headphones on, you will hear a few beeps, and the light on the left headphone will flash blue every couple of seconds. If you are turning the headphones off, you will hear a few beeps, and the light on the left headphone will no longer flash every couple of seconds.

Pairing the Sequoia Bluetooth Headphones
Make sure the Sequoia headphones are turned off. Now, press and hold the multi-function button on the left headphone for about 5 seconds. When the light starts flashing red and blue, the Sequoia Bluetooth headphones are now in pairing mode. Now you can go to your Bluetooth device (phone, laptop, etc.) setting and search for a new Bluetooth device. Your device should find the "ODT Sequoia". Click or tap on "ODT Sequoia" and the headphones will automatically pair with your device. Then you can start listening to music, making calls, or you can join a virtual meeting with the Sequoia Bluetooth headphones.

Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Bluetooth Headphones

When it's time to focus on work, studying, research or you need some peace. Flip the ANC switch on the Sequoia Bluetooth headphones. The outside noise will melt away, and whatever you are listening to on the headphones will be less interrupted by your surroundings.

active noise canceling switch

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