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Heroic Public Speaking for $19 - The Public Speaking Bundle Enhance Your Speeches with Prep Tips, Hacks & Expert Insight

Checkout Now Expires June 28, 2019 23:59 PST Buy now and get 61% off .  Chris Haroun is an award winning business school professor, venture capitalist, MBA graduate from Columbia University and former Goldman Sachs employee. In this course, he will teach you how to give presentations that are engaging, informative, and persuasive. You will learn how to structure your thoughts, develop an outline, and use visual aids to support your argument. You will also master the art of public speaking, including how to handle questions from the audience. Public speaking can be a daunting task for many people. The thought of standing in front of a group of people and delivering a presentation can be overwhelming. However, with a little planning and preparation, you can deliver a successful speech or presentation. One tool that can help you plan and rehearse your speech is mind mapping.

FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter for $32 January 04, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires December 18, 2023 23:59 PST Buy now and get 28% off KEY FEATURES Upgrade to a world of charging flexibility when you pack the FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter in your carry-on luggage. This travel adapter lets you charge up to 4 USB devices with add-ons for US, AU, and EU plugs. It boasts an impressive 5.0 A output for faster charging, and, with a thickness of only 18 mm, the FLIP QUAD WORLD is a dream to pack without sacrificing precious storage space. Charge up to 4 USB devices simultaneously Power up faster w/ a max 5.0 A output Keep the metal pins from scratching other devices w/ the protective covers Easily pack in your luggage w/ minimal bulk Use w/ US, AU & EU plugs PRODUCT SPECS Specs Product material: PC/ABS Product dimensions (FLIP QUAD): 1.89"L x 0.7"W x 4.25"H Product dimensions (US/AU plug add-on): 2.05"L x 0.86"W x 3.07"H Product dimensions (EU plug add-on): 1.38"L x 0.55"W x 1.6

Intro to macOS Development for $19 January 04, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 04, 2024 23:59 PST Buy now and get 90% off KEY FEATURES If you're serious about becoming a developer, you're going to need practice. Packed with hands-on projects and guided instruction, this course will build your macOS development skills by having you build several polished, full-stack applications. You'll explore everything from UI design to front- and back-end development as you create a fully functional weather widget app and even a Slack clone. Access 60 lectures & 16.5 hours of content 24/7 Get up to speed with the essentials of macOS development Get hands-on training creating a widget weather app & Slack clone Familiarize yourself w/ key tools, like Node.js & MongoDB PRODUCT SPECS Important Details Length of time users can access this course: lifetime Access options: web and mobile streaming Certification of completion not included Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase Exp

Shuttercase for iPhone for $49 January 04, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires February 04, 2019 23:59 PST Buy now and get 37% off KEY FEATURES Meet the world's first charging case for self-professed iPhone photographers. When you're Instagramming everything, your battery is draining fast, and while a regular old charging case is useful, Shuttercase takes it a step further with a removable camera handle that helps you shoot with your iPhone like a professional point-and-shoot camera. This unique case was designed to mimic the shape and feel of classic 135 cameras but is infused with modern tech like an embedded stand, battery, and the removable handle. It's the modern content creator's secret weapon. Patented physical shutter button enables you to shoot w/ just one hand Removable camera handle helps you shoot like a pro Embedded 3,000mAh battery keeps your phone charged Compatible w/ add-on lenses (not included) Embedded stand lets you set up for posed photography PRODUCT SPECS Specs Battery capacit

Breaks For Eyes for Mac for $9 January 04, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 04, 2024 23:59 PST Buy now and get 0% off KEY FEATURES Stare at a computer screen long enough, and there's a good chance you'll start to experience headaches, fatigue, red eyes, and a host of other symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Breaks for Eyes is here to help you avoid CVS by reminding you to take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away. Also known as the 20-20-20 rule, this practice is proven to combat Computer Vision Syndrome, and Breaks for Eyes will help you make it a staple in your daily life. Avoid eye strain & CVS by reminding yourself to take vision breaks every 20 minutes Get motivated to take routine vision breaks & protect your eyes Cut down on headaches, fatigue & other CVS symptoms Disable break reminders for some time if you're in a meeting or watching a movie PRODUCT SPECS System Requirements macOS 10.10 or later Important Details L

FLPSDE Dual-Chamber Water Bottle for $28 January 03, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires February 03, 2019 23:59 PST Buy now and get 17% off KEY FEATURES When it comes to adventure, accessing the right fuel in an instant is essential. That's exactly the concept behind the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle. Featuring an inner and outer chamber and a durable, stainless steel design, this bottle is crafted to house both your liquids and your essentials, whether that be keys or snack. The inner chamber can hold your favorite snacks, drinks or personal essentials, while the vacuum-insulated outer chamber can keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. The best part? The de-constructable design makes cleaning totally effortless. Patent-pending dual chamber design Heavy-duty stainless steel construction to keep contents safe & tasting how they should Vacuum insulated outer chamber keeps items cold or hot for hours Removable inner chamber delivers access for simple & efficient cleaning Innovative inner chamber keeps your essen

The Habits of Happiness Bundle for $19 January 03, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 03, 2024 23:59 PST Buy now and get 96% off The Complete Guide to Total Transformation KEY FEATURES Personal transformation happens. Sometimes it sneaks up on us after years of quiet suffering, other times it's the inevitable side effect of a sudden event. But life is often exhausting, painful, and resistant to change. Transformation is an inside job, and change is a process. This course isn’t just a list of processes to create lasting change and reach your goals, although it does cover that. This course is about changing from the inside out and preventing the obstacles that tend to stop people from reaching their true potential. Access 61 lectures & 7 hours of content 24/7 Identify the blocks that hold you back so you can become unstoppable Overcome fear of change, rejection & failure so you can feel confident going for your dream Develop self-mastery by reprogramming limiting beliefs Build a growth mindset so you know with

7-In-1 USB C Hub For MacBook Pro for $34 January 03, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 03, 2023 23:59 PST Buy now and get 10% off KEY FEATURES The new MacBook Pro delivers top-rate technology in every way except one: it leaves you with slim pickings when it comes to connectivity. Want to charge your phone using your USB-to-Lightning cable or plug in your camera's SD card? You're out of luck. This USB-C Hub is designed to fill that gap so you can enjoy your new computer and your favorite devices without issue! Simply plug the hub into your USB-C hub to utilize seven ports simultaneously, including: USB 3.0, HDMI, microSD, and more. It's the best of both worlds and even fits the aesthetic of your MacBook. Fits flush w/ your MacBook Pro to match the aesthetic Compact & fast (50Gb/s) Specifically designed for MacBook Pro Crafted w/ advanced aluminum metal casing & slim packaging Includes 7 ports: HDMI: 4K Video Output Thunderbolt 3 USB-C SD microSD 2x USB 3.0 Gen 1 PRODUCT SPECS Specs 4K H

iOS Mobile App Design With Sketch for $19 January 03, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 03, 2024 23:59 PST Buy now and get 75% off KEY FEATURES Intuitively built and packed with powerful features, Sketch is the digital design tool developers use to bring their apps to life. Jump into this Sketch 3 training, and you'll go from design newbie to fluent mobile app designer in five hours. This course ditches the fluff you'd expect from other tutorials and gives you a concentrated dose of the Sketch fundamentals, walking you through the UI, layers, styling, typography, and more as you work through hands-on training and even design a chat app. Access 29 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7 Learn the essentials behind Sketch 3 & designing apps Get hands-on training designing your own chat app Explore design basics, like layers, typography & shapes Foster app design skills you can apply to other design tools PRODUCT SPECS Important Details Length of time users can access this course: lifetime Access options: w

Poplink Link Shortener: Lifetime Subscription for $79 December 31, 2018 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires March 31, 2019 23:59 PST Buy now and get 98% off KEY FEATURES No one wants to click on a long, ugly link; that's why digital marketers use Poplink. A Poplink is a shortened URL with a host of added features designed to supercharge your clickthrough rate and better understand your target audience. With Poplink, you can add your own domain to your links, edit them to display custom images and descriptions on social media, and track their performance with advanced analytics. No matter where you're sharing, Poplinks are supported on any site, and sharing them is as simple as clicking the Poplink extension button. Take any link & shorten it using your own domain and SEO-friendly keyword Bring more visitors to your pages w/ highly customizable conversion forms Add a pop-up on top of link content to drive traffic or gain email subscribers Edit what your followers see about a link when sharing on social media Put your brand on any lin

Nimble Eco-Friendly Fast Portable Charger for $42 January 01, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 31, 2019 23:59 PST Buy now and get 28% off KEY FEATURES Good for your phone and the environment, Nimble's Eco-Friendly Fast Portable Charger is designed to recharge your devices on the go while leaving a minimal impact on Mother Earth. It's made from eco-friendly materials, like recyclable aluminum and plant-based bioplastics, and is shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging. It includes one USB-C input/output port and three USB-A outputs ports for powering up multiple devices, and it can recharge over 3x faster with an 18 watt USB-C power delivery. Charge an iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes or Samsung up to 80% in 35 minutes Recharge your phone up to 5 times before needing to recharge the battery Power up devices up to 3x faster via the 18 W USB-C power delivery Charge your battery & devices simultaneously w/ pass-through charging Keep loose cables secure while traveling w/ the magnetic cable management attachment Keep tabs

SyncMate 7: Lifetime Expert License for $14 January 02, 2019 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires April 02, 2019 23:59 PST Buy now and get 71% off Checkout Now KEY FEATURES If you jump between Apple and non-Apple devices, you understand the hassle that is keeping your data synced across the board. That's why there's SyncMate, the ingenious tool that lets you synchronize data between your Mac and other devices all in a single, convenient application. From contacts and calendars to folders and iTunes, SyncMate makes it easy to keep all of your data synchronized, and with an Expert license, you'll enjoy even more syncing options, like automatic syncing, backups, and more. Keep your data in sync between your Mac & other platforms, including Android, iCloud and Dropbox Sync your Mac w/ multiple devices simultaneously Automatically keep data on your devices up to speed with Autosync Use hassle-free w/ invisible background syncing Sync your contacts, calendars, folders & more Seamlessly sync multimedia files in