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Is it possible to experience peace of mind no matter what's going on in your life? This is a really important question to consider, and it differs from one person to another. The good news is it's a state of mind that's cultivated from within. It's a skill you can learn.

'Finding Peach of Mind, No Matter What' is a five-week course for people who want the skills to create peace and joy in their lives. This course is designed in such a way that incremental changes are made over 35 days until your habitual mental patterns begin to shift. It's the "how to" program that will help you manage your mind and also bring you closer to your innately powerful self. Reshape your life by cultivating peace of mind from within.

In this program, you'll learn:

  • All about the workings of your mind & how you can become the creator of your experience
  • How to manage overthinking, ruminating, stressing, & worrying. This will radically change the way you experience your life
  • Tools to free yourself from your conditioned mind with its constraining thoughts & self-limiting beliefs
  • About mindfulness & how to use it both formally and informally as a mind management tool
  • How to respond in a measured, responsible way instead of reacting and regretting your words, choices & behavior later on
  • How to be present versus being lost in the illusion of past & present
  • To implement gratitude as a daily practice
  • The tools to reset your state of mind in the moment
  • A perspective shift which improves empathy and insight - the necessary components for positive relationships
  • To reframe a situation through your focus and words which will ultimately shift your experience
  • How to use self-inquiry as a powerful technique to clear your mind of anxious, negative, & stressful thoughts
"Niki gets down to the business of shifting the mind in order to free what is holding us back from living presently and peacefully. Having been through a traumatic ordeal Niki’s incredible tools helped restore my inner power and guided me back to where I needed to be...." – Laura

"Using the tools has helped me to take a close look at my thought patterns and enabled me to shift my former way of thinking." – Jo

"The fundamental truths really changed my perspective. I use them daily. Mindfulness meditation helped me to be more centered, peaceful and refreshed. Thanks Niki for your patience and kind guidance." – Amanda


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Niki Seberini | Mind Freedom Fighter, Facilitator, Talk Show Host

Niki is the founder of The Mind Freedom School and the creator of this course. How did she come up with this course? Here's a short story...

Niki hit a pretty low point in her early 40's when, over a period of three years, she endured a litany of losses in both her personal and professional life. It left her feeling depressed, hopeless, fearful & stuck in a "pit of despair". Niki was under the impression that peace of mind was only possible when things in her life improved. It was only after a life-changing event that she realized it's a state of mind that she could cultivate from within.

'Finding Peace of Mind No Matter What' is the course Niki herself wishes had been around when she was searching for a way out of my suffering. Niki shares simple tools to help you rework your mental patterns so as to unlock your mind.

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