AdGuard VPN $39.99 Premium Subscription 3 Years Plan


AdGuard VPN: 3-Year Subscription for $39.99

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AdGuard VPN: The Ultimate Shield for Your Online Privacy

In this digital age, where online privacy is super important, AdGuard VPN stands out as a must-have tool. This Virtual Private Network (VPN) is your gateway to a secure, encrypted internet. It keeps your data safe and your online activities private, no matter where you are. AdGuard VPN is more than just a security tool; it’s a powerful solution packed with features to meet all your internet needs.

AdGuard VPN: 3 Years Subscription

Why AdGuard VPN is Better than Other VPNs

1. Extensive Location List

With over 60 locations available worldwide, you can connect from anywhere you want. This helps you bypass geo-restricted content effectively. Check out the full list of servers here.

2. Advanced Security Protocol

AdGuard VPN uses its own advanced security protocol, ensuring faster and safer VPN connections. This means you can browse, stream, and download with peace of mind, knowing your data is secure.

3. No-Log Policy

Rest assured, your personal data is not collected. Thanks to AdGuard’s strict no-log policy, your internet traffic stays private.

4. Simultaneous Connections

You can connect up to 10 devices at the same time, protecting all your gadgets with just one account.

5. Trusted Developer

AdGuard is a well-known name in the computer security world, bringing their expertise and commitment to privacy and security into their VPN service.

Key Features of AdGuard VPN

1. Access Servers in All Locations

AdGuard VPN provides access to servers in all locations, giving you the freedom to browse from anywhere.

2. Lightning-Fast Servers

Enjoy lightning-fast servers for uninterrupted browsing.

3. Unlimited Data

Stream and download endlessly with unlimited data.

4. No-Log Policy

AdGuard VPN ensures your data stays private with a strict no-log policy.

5. Available on All Platforms

AdGuard VPN is available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.

How to Get Started with AdGuard VPN

Getting started with AdGuard VPN is easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the store to buy AdGuard VPN.
  2. Choose the 3-year subscription plan for just $39.99.
  3. Download the app on your device.
  4. Install and launch the app.
  5. Sign in to your account.
  6. Connect to a server of your choice.
  7. Enjoy a secure and private internet experience!

Why You Need AdGuard VPN

1. Secure Your Data

Protect your personal data from hackers and snoopers, especially when using public Wi-Fi in cafes, airports, etc.

2. Unblock Content

Access websites and services that are restricted in your region. Watch your favorite shows and use apps from anywhere in the world.

3. Safe Browsing

AdGuard VPN blocks ads and trackers, giving you a cleaner, safer browsing experience.

4. Easy to Use

AdGuard VPN is designed to be simple and user-friendly, with a plug-and-play setup and zero configuration needed.

5. Affordable

At just $39.99 for a 3-year subscription, AdGuard VPN is an affordable way to protect your online privacy.

Real User Experiences

"AdGuard VPN keeps my data safe while I travel. I can connect to any server and browse securely. Love it!" - Emma

"I use AdGuard VPN on all my devices. It's easy to use and keeps my internet fast and secure." - Mike

"Best VPN I've used so far. No ads, no logs, just pure privacy. Highly recommend!" - Lisa


AdGuard VPN is the perfect solution for anyone who values online privacy and security. With its advanced features, strict no-log policy, and affordable pricing, it’s a no-brainer. Don’t miss out on the chance to get a 3-year subscription for just $39.99. Protect your online privacy today with AdGuard VPN.

Ready to stay safe online? Head over to AdGuard VPN and get started with your 3-year subscription now. Enjoy secure, private, and fast internet access with AdGuard VPN. Happy browsing!

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