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Earsport is an ear-free wireless headset for all sports applications. Its open-ear design, made with soft touch materials, provides optimum comfort over time and listening in complete safety while remaining connected to your environment. AirDC technology provides unique quality and a very natural sound.


  • Listening comfort: To no longer induce physical or acoustic pain on the ears because the EarSPORT headphones are not in direct contact with the ear.
  • Optimal audio quality thanks to AirDC technology, which provides clear sound with a very natural tonal balance.
  • All-round fit: The EarSPORT headset comes in 2 headband sizes for optimum fit for everyone. The ultra-flexible headband is made of titanium for maximum strength and lightness.
  • Wireless sports: The EarSPORT headset is a wireless headset for convenience during sports activities. It also allows you to listen to and control your playlists, make phone calls and have access to Siri and Google voice assistants.
  • Practice your activity safely: running, biking or simply walking outdoors with earphones or worse, noise canceling headphones, can make you unaware of your surroundings, which can sometimes have serious consequences. This is why ATTITUD has chosen not to reduce the noise of the world around you!
  • A real sports headset: With its lightness, the EarSPORT headset is a real featherweight. Its IP55 protection index allows you to practice your activity intensely in all weathers.



  • Bluetooth 5.1 (APTx HD Supported)
  • 6H-Autonomy (80% volume)
  • Charging time : 2H
  • Weight : 30g
  • Siri and Google assistant
  • Battery capacity : 200 mAh
  • IP55
  • USB-Type C charge


  • EARSPORT Headphones
  • A USB-Type C cable
  • A storage bag
  • A user manual

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