CircuitMess Starter Bundle: Wacky Robots & Nibble DIY Game Console for $149 January 16, 2023 at 06:00PM

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This STEM DIY Starter Kit Bundle will help you enter the world of electronics and polish your soldering skills. You can start with Wacky Robots to practice soldering, then move on to assembling your own game console. It’s perfect for anyone learning how to solder and building their own DIY games, but also fun and challenging enough to keep even the most advanced makers busy!

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Wacky Robots 5-Pack Bundle: Soldering Practice Kits

  • Enter the world of electronics with 5 robots; Bob, Capacitron, Mr.Bee, Marv & Resistron
  • Light up, sparkle, buzz & shine on your command
  • Get a collector's card for each robot

Nibble: DIY Game Console with Pre-Loaded Games

  • Bonk: A homage to Pong – one of the first commercially-successful video games
  • Invaderz: A classic space shooter
  • Snake: Probably the most recognizable game from the early mobile phone era
  • SpaceRocks: Shoot asteroids & earn points



  • Wacky Robots
    • Bob
      • Beginner–friendly
      • 6 RGB LEDs
      • 16–piece kit
    • Capacitron
      • Beginner–friendly
      • 12–piece kit
      • 2 pushbuttons that show capacitor functions
    • Mr. Bee
      • Beginner–friendly
      • 8–piece kit
      • Vibrates &moves around like a bee
    • Marv
      • Beginner–friendly
      • 2 blue LEDs
      • 12–piece kit
      • Push button
    • Resistron
      • Beginner–friendly
      • 8–piece kit
      • Has a variable resistor that dims LED brightness
  • Nibble
    • Processor: 32-bit, 160MHz
    • Storage: 4MB
    • RAM:80 KB
    • Connectivity: WiFi
    • Display: 1.4″
    • Build time: 2hrs
    • Programming: C++ (Arduino), CircuitBlocks, Python


  • Wacky Robots Kit
  • NIbble Game Console Kit
  • Quick–Start Instruction Booklet

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