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Classic wireless earbuds with 40 hours playtime

This is the wireless age, baby, and Ravens are the classic style wireless earbuds. A single charge means you can listen for 8 hours at 50% volume, then re-charge them with the case four more times. For the math-challenged, thats 40 hours total. But theres nothing challenging about discovering all the things you can do with that kind of time: work out, binge-watch the show your friends are bugging you to watch, or just chill. The Ravens can power through it all.


Earbud Controls

Use your phone or the buttons on the headphones to do the following:

  • Poweron, power off
  • Play and pause
  • Volume up, volume down
  • Previous song, next song
  • Answercall, reject call, end call
  • Activate Siri or Google Assistant

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