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Get the most out of your portfolio by learning how to make use of it more effectively. This 12-course bundle includes specific courses on how to value a business, prepare a business plan, and more. From investing in a business to the fundamentals of accounting, these startup courses will help you learn how to build and grow your business. The courses contain all the information you need to make an informed decision about your business startup and make the right investment decisions for your next business plan.

Courses Included
  1. How to Read Financial Statements
  2. How to Value a Business or Investment
  3. Build a Valuation Model in Excel
  4. A Brief Overview of Venture Capital with Paul Madera
  5. Build a Budget
  6. Cohort Analysis
  7. Impact Investing with Elizabeth Funk
  8. Understanding ESG with Elizabeth Funk
  9. Building an Operating Model in Excel
  10. Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value
  11. Understanding Equity Ownership with Cap Tables
  12. Know Your Equity


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Pareto Labs gives you practical MBA. Boost your confidence at work with over 200 on-demand videos that simplify business education into practical, bite-sized lessons and give you access to the minds of Fortune 500 executives, billion-dollar startup founders, and top investors. You'll get skill courses, mentor courses, and concept breakdowns to understand business concepts.

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