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The Gravastar Shark 14 is a souped-up version of our Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker. It comes with a set of customizable accessories like the Shield and Gatling Gun, adding to its unique appeal! It also boasts a Dual-Speaker System, a set of six RGB Lights, Bluetooth 5.0, 15-hour battery life, and TWS. SOLID AND DURABLE DESIGN The Shark 14’s Sci-Fi stylings go beyond skin-deep thanks to the integrated Zinc Alloy material in its chassis, providing a clean and sleek look all-over. The tough material also helps in protecting the speaker from bumps and scratches. POWERFUL AND ACCURATE SOUND The Shark 14 is equipped with some serious upgrades including a 2.5” Full-Range Speaker, a 1” High-Frequency Tweeter, and it also features a 20W output with a high sensitivity of 86 db. This means you get a stronger, more full bass sound at higher volumes with less distortion. CATERED FOR AUDIOPHILES The Shark 14 comes with Gravastar’s built-in proprietary DSP Audio Algorithms, specially developed to deliver deep bass sounds, accurate mids, crisp highs, and an equal-loudness contour. You’ll hear every single sound there is to hear thanks to its perfect balance of sound. TRUE WIRELESS STEREO Equipped with TWS Bluetooth V5.0 technology, the perfect stereo surround sound can be achieved by pairing up 2 GravaStar Mars Pro Speakers together and enjoy your audio without any transmission. EASY VOLUME CONTROLS Finding the right amount of volume to enjoy your music to is all the more easier thanks to the Mars Pro’s Touch-sensitive Volume Controls. They even have LEDs for that groovy feel. UNIQUE DIY ELEMENTS The Mars Pro shark 14 adds a new level of aesthetic design thanks to customizable accessories like the Shield and Gatling Gun - the coolness factor is off the charts with this one! NOTE: Check the assemble tutorial video. BATTERY THAT LASTS The fun just doesn’t stop - our speaker runs on a powerful battery, which guarantees up to fifteen hours of playback time.


Materials: Zinc Alloy Product dimensions: 7.5"H x 7.1"L x 7.9"W Weight: 5.55 lbs Full-range subwoofer drivers Bluetooth 5.0 Triangular support structure 6 RGB Lights Touch volume control True Wireless Stereo Battery life: up to 15 hours Output Power: 20W Transmission Range: 10M Power Supply: 5V/2A

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