Petoi Bittle: Palm-Sized Robot Dog for STEM & Fun! for $299 February 28, 2022 at 02:00AM

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Meet Bittle, the palm-sized open-source bionic robot dog. Have fun watching it play tricks like a real animal, moving with 4 legs rather than wheels. Legged motion gives it more freedom to navigate unstructured terrains and express the joy of life whenever it moves. Evolving with an open-source gene, Bittle is an open platform to fuse multiple makers' gadgets into one organic system. With a customized Arduino board coordinating all instinctive and sophisticated movements, you can clip on various sensors to bring in perception. You could also inject artificial intelligence capabilities by mounting a Raspberry Pi or other AI chips through wired/wireless connections. Have fun while improving your programming skills!

Successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Petoi Bittle - Base Instruction Kit
  • Base kit. Assemble the puzzle-like frame & download demo codes on GitHub
  • STEM & robotics kit. Learn coding, customize, & program your own pet to make it come to life with amazing and cute tricks. Develop innovative & advanced four-legged walking robot gaits, locomotion, and kinematics behaviors for applications and research
  • Highly programmable. Scratch, C++, Python coding
  • Wireless control. Use the Petoi mobile/desktop apps to configure and remote-control via BlueTooth connection
  • Highly extensible. With Raspberry Pi & Arduino ecosystem
  • Built on OpenCat. Open-source project for quadruped robot
  • Legged motion. More freedom to navigate unstructured terrains
  • 5-component system. Body frame, actuator, electronics, battery & software
  • Li-ion battery pack. Lasts for about 1 hour of continuous walking
Bittle is suitable for adults and children over the ages of 14. Kids can enjoy playing with Bittle under the supervision of an adult.



  • Color: black, yellow
  • Dimensions: 7.9" x 4.3" x 4.3"
  • Weight: 10.22oz
  • Programmable AI
    • Arduino
    • Raspberry Pi (not included)
    • Camera (optional)
  • Built on OpenCat
  • Interlocking 3D puzzle frame
  • Spring-loaded upper legs
  • Li-ion battery pack with built-in charging
  • High-speed
  • Palm-sized
  • Petoi Warranty


  • Plastic body parts
  • 10× P1S servos
  • 1x Rechargeable 7.4V Li-ion battery pack
  • 1x NyBoard V1
  • 1x USB programmer
  • 1x Bluetooth dongle
  • 1x WiFi dongle
  • 1x Infrared remote
  • 1x Micro cable

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