Hue 563296 White and Color Ambiance Bluetooth Smart LED Starter Kit for $199 November 28, 2021 at 10:00AM

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  • Create personalized experiences
  • Choose preset light recipes
  • Set the mood with soft white light
  • LED bulb technology
  • Smart home automation hub
  • Control lights with your voice
  • Control up to 10 lights with Bluetooth app
  • Easy 2-step installation
  • 75 watt bulbs

    Get bright cool light warm white light and 16 million colors with the Philips Hue 75W A19 Starter Kit. The four Philips Hue 75W A19s provide a sufficient level of white light that is bright enough to read on the couch listen to music or simply relax in your bedroom. Use bright colorful light to enhance your dcor or to match your mood. Set the mood from anywhere with the full suite of smart lighting features with the included Hue Bridge.

    Create personalized experiences

    Transform your home with over 16 million colors instantly creating the right atmosphere for any event.

    Choose preset light recipes

    With a touch of a button you can set a festive mood for a party turn your living room into a movie theater enhance your home decor with color accents and much more.

    Set the mood with soft white light

    Dimmable from bright daylight to low nightlights these smart lights allow you to fill your home with just the right level of light when you need it.

    LED bulb technology

    Designed to provide longer more energy-efficient illumination.

    Smart home automation hub

    The Hue Bridge is an essential component to a personal Philips Hue smart lighting system. It is the brains of the operation communicating with both your smart light bulbs and the Hue app to ensure that everything works together.Create timers and routines to automate your entire smart home lighting setup use your lights to wake up and go to sleep. Control your lights while away from home or add accessories such as motion sensors and smart switches.

    Control lights with your voice

    Get hands-free control of your lights and use your voice instead! Simple voice commands allow you to control multiple lights in a room or just a single lamp.

    Control up to 10 lights with Bluetooth app

    With the Hue Bluetooth app you can control directly your Hue smart lights in a single room of your home. Add up to 10 smart lights and control them all with just a touch of a button on your mobile device.

    Easy 2-step installation

    Just screw in your Hue Bluetooth bulb and download the Hue Bluetooth app to connect directly to your new bulb.

    Works with Alexa when used with a compatible Echo device.

    Philips Hue Bluetooth lights are compatible with Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation Echo Plus and Echo Show 2nd generation devices. Seamless setup and control with Google Home and Google Nest devices coming soon.

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