Enclave EA1000THXSUB Cinehome Pro 10 inch Wireless Subwoofer for $548 November 02, 2021 at 04:00AM

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  • Optimized for CineHome PRO*
  • Simple Setup
  • Listen your way
  • Also compatible with CineHome II


    Feel the immediate difference when you seamlessly upgrade your CineHome system with up to 3 additional CineHome PRO 10 wireless subwoofers. Not only will you experience more impact from the additional low frequency output but youll turn every seat into the best seat by smoothing out the low end impact across the room. Like all Enclave products setup is simple with a single power cable and a few taps on our CineHub Remote App.

    Simple Setup

    Setup in minutes and place the speaker anywhere in the room. Simply connect power to the speaker open your Enclave CineHub remote app and tap Reset Wireless to complete the process and add the additional sub. Youll find that inside the subwoofer square a value will be present indicating how many subwoofers are currently connected to your system.

    Optimized for CineHome PRO*

    The CineHome PRO 10 subwoofer is a seamless bass upgrade for the CineHome PRO system expandable up to 3 additional subwoofers so you can find the right combination for your space. Bring out high-impact bass performance in your system while keeping our Enclave signature sound at room shaking volumes. *Also compatible with CineHome II

    Listen your way

    Looking for more boom? Deeper bass is only a few taps away with the CineHub Remote App. Simply go into Speaker Level settings and boost your subwoofer volume trim up and feel the difference.

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