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Not enough trunk space? Need a place to store those travel necessities? Car Ceiling Cargo Net to the rescue! With its secured and breathable mesh-like fabric, it can hold more items so you can free some space in your trunk. You can store that jacket you keep in your car just in case; pillows and blankets for that road trip; or plush toys for on-the-go entertainment. Complete with double-strength edges, secured buckle design, double-layered pockets with zipper, and numerous drawstrings to lock everything in place, your road trips will be revolutionized!

  • High-quality material. Durable polyester mesh that can hold clothes, blankets, jackets, etc
  • Double-layered. Reinforced pockets to safely hold your stuff on the go
  • Adjustable durable nylon straps. Straps that can reach every corner of your car's interior
  • Multiple locks. Equipped with multiple drawstring locks
  • Frees up space. Keep the trunk spacious for other road-trip essentials
  • Easy to store. Folds up nicely and can be stored right in your car



  • Color: black
  • Materials: polyester, nylon
  • Dimensions: 1"H x 30.7"L x 20.5"W
  • Weight: 12.8oz
  • Frees up space in your car
  • High-quality material
  • Double-layered pockets
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Adjustable durable nylon straps
  • Multiple drawstring locks 
  • Manufacturer's 30-day warranty


  • Car Ceiling Cargo Net

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