Tenda PH10 AV1000 Powerline Wi-Fi Extender, Dual Band AC Wireless, Gigabit Port, Plug and Play for $89 October 28, 2021 at 10:00AM

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  • Extend Wi-Fi and wired networks to every room in your home through the electrical wiring
  • Dual band Wi-Fi for faster speed
  • Gigabit port ensures ultra-fast speed
  • Wi-fi Clone technology makes it easy to unify Wi-Fi in your home
  • Plug and play for a painless setup Experience

    The PH10 uses your homes existing electrical wiring To deliver High-Speed Wi-Fi to every room in a home via an advanced AV2 home Plug technology designed to provide stable and fast connections for wired devices.

    Dual band Wi-Fi for faster speed

    5 GHz Wi-Fi signal at less-interference frequency band can provide more stable connection and faster transmission speed and 2.4 GHz signal can provide wider Wi-Fi coverage.In addition dual band Wi-Fi signals allow double wireless devices to connect to the WiFi networks.

    Gigabit port ensures ultra-fast speed

    Designed with gigabit Ethernet port PH10 provides stable and fast connection for wired devices such as NAS printer TV HD set-top box game console and so on.

    Wi-Fi Clone technology makes it easy to unify Wi-Fi in home

    The Wi-Fi Clone technology allows you to synchronize the Wi-Fi network name and password of PH10 with those of your wireless router at a press of button ensuring seamless roaming wherever you go.

    Plug and play for an easy setup experience

    Connect P3 to your modem/router using an Ethernet cable then simply plug in PA7 wherever you want Wi-Fi to enjoy better connection experience

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