Quilter Labs InterBlock 45 Aluminum Retention Plate Versatile Guitar Head for $279 October 11, 2021 at 06:00AM

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Quilter Labs InterBlock 45 Aluminum Retention Plate Versatile Guitar Head


Powerful: The InterBlock 45 delivers up to 45 watts power for your cabinet. Enough power to give your pedals, your modeler, or anything that needs to be heard enough power and life for a serious gig. Silent: Find yourself on a stage where amps are not allowed? Don't sacrifice tone! Plug in your InterBlock 45, and select the Balanced Line Output, then choose FR or cab sim to give your PA the same luscious life and tone that you give your speakers. Versatile: Available FR or Cab simulated mode to coax the most life out of your instrument and into your DAW. Extensible: Love your outboard effects pedals and want them warmed up before the recording? Put them in the onboard FX loop and add your sound to your recordings. Rig Integration: This is the answer when you need to power your modeling rig. Switch from Cab Sim to FR mode for stiff output that gets the most from your modeling speaker sim. Pedal power: With up to 45 watts onboard power and an FX loop, the InterBlock 45 integrates perfectly with your pedalboard turning your pedalboard into a go anywhere, do anything, unstoppable force of nature.


  • 45 Watts 4 Ohms: 33 Watts 8 Ohms: 17 Watts 16 Ohms
  • 24 Volt Power Supply (Included)
  • H 3 5/8 inches (9.1 cm) x W 4 5/8 inches (11.75 cm) x D 10.75 inches (27.3 cm)
  • 0.65 Pounds (0.3 kg)
  • Aluminum retention plate

Technical Details:
Brand Name: Quilter Labs
Item Weight: 2.7 pounds
Product Dimensions: 3 x 10 x 13 inches
Item model number: INTERBLOCK-45

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