Geeek Club MXC Two Legs Heavy Sniper + Tool Kit for $149 October 21, 2021 at 02:00AM

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From a galaxy far, far away - right into your home…This heavy sniper features prominent robotic arms and powerful, far-sighted weaponry, making it perfectly suited for its cyberpunk surroundings. Its two legs are designed to walk between the bombed-out craters of a war-ravaged world and achieve safe passage through any wasteland or cityscape. The same cannot be said for those who cross its path; its aim is legendary. You’ll need to add one or more of these to your fleet if you hope to conquer the cyberpunk universe.

Tool kit is included in this set. Everything you need to start is provided: protective glasses, soldering iron which is convenient to use with any USB port, soldering iron stand, solder wire, filing tool, pliers, tweezers, and soldering iron tip cleaner. Grab this kit and make robotics fun for you and your friends.

Geeek Club has been featured in Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Gizmodo, and more!

  • Learn the basics of soldering, engineering, & electronics
  • Use basic tools like soldering iron, tweezers, & pliers
  • Assemble your own Two Legs Heavy Sniper
  • Add this sniper model to your cyberpunk collection
  • Receive a complete kit with components & tools



  • Color: yellow, multi
  • Materials: PCB (main)
  • Dimensions: 4.6”H x 13.2”L x 8.3”W
  • PCB parts: 144pcs
  • DIY sniper model
  • Complete with tools, instruction, & educational book


  • 2x PCB Panel (MXC-001)
  • 1x PCB Panel (MXC-002)
  • 1x PCB Panel (MXC-003)
  • 1x Battery Holder
  • 1x SMD LED 0805 Red IC
  • 5x SMD LED 0805 Orange
  • 1x SMD LED 0805 Yellow
  • 5x SMD LED 0805 RGB IC
  • 1x Through-Hole LED Yellow 5mm
  • 5x Transfer Sticker Set
  • Tools
    • 1x Soldering Iron
    • 1x Solder Wire
    • 1x Safety Glasses
    • 1x Filing Tool
    • 1x Tweezers
    • 2x USB Cables
    • 1x Magnifying Lens
    • 1x Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner
    • 1x Pliers
  • 5x Manual with Educational Materials

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