Cync by GE 93122337 Wire-Free Dimmer Remote + Color Control for $29 October 24, 2021 at 05:00PM

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  • Add switch control anywhere
  • Adjust color right from the remote
  • No hub required
  • Long battery life

    Add switch control anywhere

    Battery-powered switch remote doesn't require an electrical connection so you can control your lights from anywhere.

    Provides touch control for C by GE Smart Bulbs Switches and Plugs

    Screw in C by GE Smart Bulbs install a smart switch or plug in a Smart Plug and control those devices anywhere in the room from your Smart Remote.

    Set the brightness level to match your mood or task

    Dim and brighten C by GE Smart Bulbs using touch or app.

    Adjust color right from the remote

    Pair with C by GE Tunable White and Full Color Smart Bulbs and adjust whites from cool refreshing light to warm cozy light from the remote.

    Control all your lights with wireless whole room lighting control

    Install CbyGE Smart Plugs Switches and Bulbs in other fixtures set them up in the C by GE app and wirelessly control all your lights from one Smart Remote.

    No hub required

    Connects to C by GE Smart Bulbs Switches and Plugs using Bluetooth.

    Long battery life

    Replaceable (photocell) battery is rated to last 2+ years Adhere to any metal surfaceComes with a magnetic back for easy storage on any metal surface.

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