Cync by GE 93120080 On/Off 3 wire Switch for $39 October 24, 2021 at 05:00PM

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  • Control all your lights
  • Use your voice to turn on lights
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled
  • Wirelessly connect multiple switches
  • Makes traditional bulbs smart
  • Schedule your lights around your daily routine
  • Always connected and ready to respond

    Add functionality and turn traditional bulbs to smart with this C by GE on/off button switch. The wireless connectivity lets you control multiple switches remotely while the enhanced app responds to voice commands and out-of-home control. This C by GE on/off button switch can create schedules to turn your lights on and off for hand-free use.

    Control all your lights

    Install C by GE smart bulbs in the fixture configure them in the app and wirelessly control all your lights from one smart switch.

    Use your voice to turn on lights

    Activate voice and lighting control away from home or when your hands are full through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled

    Allows you to connect to your smart switch for easy management.

    Wirelessly connect multiple switches

    Enables you to connect multiple switches wirelessly and attach switches on different circuits such as controlling a kitchen light from the hallway.

    Makes traditional bulbs smart

    The smart switch enhances traditional bulb functionality with out-of-home control scheduling and scene-setting.

    Always connected and ready to respond

    The switch maintains voice and app control at all times so your C by GE smart bulbs will respond to voice commands and provide control even when the wall switch is turned off.

    Schedule your lights around your daily routine

    Create schedules that turn your lights on when you are away from home and turn your lights off when you go to bed.

    Find switch easily in darkness

    Illuminated light ring helps easily locate the switch.

    Three-way and multiway compatible

    Replace existing three-way switches and turn single-pole switches into a three-way or multiway connection by using two or more switches.

    Includes base adaptor

    This switch comes with a base adaptor for one bulb to improve connectivity.

    No neutral wire required

    Allows use in any home and works with common residential wiring.

    No hub required

    Connect directly to Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices without a standalone bridge or hub.

    Minimum Requirements

    2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi & Ground Load and Line wires

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