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Afraid you aren't in total control of your financial future? This massive bundle collects all of ClydeBank Media's bestselling finance and investing titles into one handy resource that anyone can use - no matter your financial experience - to build the financially healthy (and wealthy) future you deserve. Grab this deal and get 7 books for a single low price!

1. Day Trading QuickStart Guide
  • Author: Troy Noonan
  • Learn the inner workings of the Derivatives Market
  • Understand how Futures trade contracts work & how to use them
  • Day trade options & use options contracts to hedge against risk
  • Dive into the mechanics of Forex trading & how to use foreign currency markets to your benefit
2. Investing QuickStart Guide
  • Author: Ted D. Snow, CFP, MBA
  • Understand the inner workings of financial markets & put your money to work right away
  • Find a wealth of powerful investing insights
  • Evaluate & compare stocks and other securities
  • Learn how economic & geopolitical factors can influence investment prospects
3. Options Trading QuickStart Guide
  • Author/Publisher: ClydeBank Finance
  • Learn the fundamentals of put & call options
  • Understand & leverage intrinsic value
  • Use a stock's IV (implied votality) to inform smart trades
  • Know the mechanics of the short sell
4. Penny Stock Trading QuickStart Guide
  • Author/Publisher: ClydeBank Finance
  • Know when a “hot tip” is the real deal or just hot air
  • Shop for penny stocks using critical financial investment metrics
  • Learn the differences in the various penny stock markets
  • Assess the growth patterns of penny stocks
  • Perform a “technical” & “fundamental” analysis of a penny stock before buying it.
  • “Scale in” to optimal investment positions
5. Personal Finance QuickStart Guide
  • Author: Morgen B. Rochard, CFA, CFP®, RLP®
  • Think about money & craft your own positive money mindset
  • Repair your credit score to increase your buying power & provide more freedom in your life
  • Understand the difference between good & bad debt and how to pay down and manage debt
  • Learn effective financial goal setting with actionable steps to accomplish your goals
  • Prepare for retirement & secure your own financially independent future
6. Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide
  • Author: Symon He
  • Generate sustainable passive income through rental property investing
  • Produce lasting profits through commercial real estate investing
  • Complete profile real estate wholesale deals with little to no money
  • Successfully ‘flip’ properties for quick & predictable profits
  • Grow your income-producing portfolio quickly with multifamily properties
  • Create 100% hands-off income streams from indirect real estate investments like REITs
7. Retirement Planning QuickStart Guide
  • Get a head start on retirement planning from financial planning to the fundamentals of saving for retirement
  • Learn retirement planning investment strategies, tactics, & techniques
  • Prepare for retirement at any age (no matter how close or far away retirement truly is)
  • Know exactly how to retire from work & into life


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