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Simple Accessories bring you products designed to prepare fresh, manually grind-able food items such as spices, cooking herbs, garlic, and other similar food items. The One-Hitter features inert aluminum with patent-pending airflow tech. It dissipates heat for smoother hits and doesn’t crack or shatter when dropped. The Dugout is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a Type II anodized finish that provides maximum durability and superior wear resistance. It has powerful, rare earth neodymium magnets that secure the cap and protects your herbs. This One-Hitter and Dugout Bundle lets you take a hit of your favorite herbs or edibles discreetly on the go.

Simple One-Hitter

  • Slider. Adjusts bowl size from .1x to 2x standard one-hitter (0.01g-0.20g) & easily ashes remains
  • Single-screw disassembly. Provides simple deep cleaning & chamfered tip digs into herbs for consistent packing
  • Inert aluminum with patent-pending airflow tech. Dissipates heat for smoother hits & doesn’t crack or shatter when dropped
Simple Dugout
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum with Type II anodize finish. Provides maximum durability & superior wear resistance
  • 53% smaller & 41% slimmer than standard dugouts. With equal or greater storage capacity (~2g)
  • Powerful, rare earth neodymium magnets. Secure the cap & protects your herbs



  • Simple One-Hitter
    • Color: black
    • Materials: aluminum
    • Dimensions: 3.07"L x 0.34"D
    • Adjustable: 0.1x to 2x
    • Patent-pending airflow
    • Single-screw disassembly
  • Simple Dugout
    • Color: black
    • Materials: aluminum, magnets
    • Dimensions: 3.39"H x 1.95"L x 0.432"W
    • Type II anodized finish
    • Smaller & slimmer
    • Secure magnets
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty


  • Simple One-Hitter
  • Simple Dugout
  • Simple Flathead Poker
  • Product Manual

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