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Traffic crashes are not accidents, but preventable incidents. Lumos is a next-generation bicycle helmet that addresses these issues. Featuring integrated brake and turn signal lights, Lumos helps you more effectively communicate your intentions to drivers and people around you. Not only that, this helmet remote also comes with an integrated accelerometer. It senses when you slow down, and automatically turns all the rear lights bright solid red to signal that you are braking. All you have to do is ride your bike and Lumos will do the signals.

Lumos Kickstart

  • Red lights. Arranged to form a triangle to work as a warning symbol on the road
  • White lights. Bright, distinctive pattern to make you stand out better
  • Turn signal. Indicattes the direction you wish to turn w/ a handlebar remote
  • Brake lights. Activates any time you slow down
  • Rechargeable. Lasts about a week if used for 30 minutes every day


  • Forbes: "The Lumos is a fully featured high-end helmet with all the fit, comfort and protection you want."
  • Cycling Weekly: "The Lumos helmet really complements a commuting lifestyle."
  • Mashable: "Bike helmet with turn signals makes absolute sense for ride safety"



  • Model: Kickstart
  • Color: charcoal black
  • Materials: plastics, fabric, electronics
  • Dimensions: 5.9"H x 10.6"L x 9.1"W
  • Size: 21.3" - 24"
  • LED configurations
    • 10 front white
    • 38 back red
    • 22 turn signal
    • Up to 500 lumens of illumination
    • Automatic brake lights
    • Turn signal capable
  • Battery
    • Charging time: 2 hours
    • Extended flashing mode: 18 hours
    • Flashing mode: 6 hours
    • Solid mode: 3 hours
  • Other features: Apple Watch, Apple Health, Strava compatible
  • Bike helmet certifications: CPSC, EN1078, AS2063, F1447
  • Manufacturer's 1-year warranty


  • Lumos Smart LED Helmet (Kickstart/Charcoal Black)
  • Charging cable
  • Wireless remote
  • Remote mount
  • Rubber bands
  • User guides

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