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Perfect for entertainment and even for workm MAD Gaze GLOW Plus is the lightest Mixed Reality smart glasses. It delivers enhanced functionalities to satisfy your on-the-go and hands-free mobile computing requirements, offering a brand new experience. By simply plugging and playing, you can connect GLOW Plus to your Android phone via USB-C DisplayPort. It's super easy! You can now watch 2D and even 3D contents in 1080p resolution and up to 53° Field of View. You can also take calls and select playlists thanks to its built-in speaker, gesture control, and voice recognition. No need to take your phone out of your pocket. Just look right through the glasses!

Successfully funded on Kickstarter at HK$ 1,641,790

  • 1080p: View & control anything on your phone right through these glasses
  • 3D Viewing Experience: Watch 2D & 3D contents from your phone
  • Spatial Computing: Use hand gesture controls for an extraordinary MR experience
  • Plug & Play: No other complicated setups, simply plug and play to use GLOW
  • Long-Battery Life: Enjoy the power of mixed reality for up to 5 hours
  • Controls: Navigate using tap control, voice recognition, or through your phone



  • Color: black
  • Optics
    • BirdBath Optical Engine
    • 1080p resolution
    • 53° (Diagonal) FOV
  • Camera & sensors
    • 5MP RGB Camera
    • 5MP IR Detector Camera
    • Infrared Light
    • IMU 9-axis(Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope)
    • LED Indicator
  • Audio
    • Microphone
    • Stereo speakers
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C with Android DisplayPort
  • Control
    • Voice Recognition
    • Hand Gesture
    • Tap Control
  • Battery life: 5 hours
  • Screen: 118"
  • Distance: 9.8ft (3m)
  • Manufacturer's 1-year warranty


  • iPhone: iOS 11 or later
  • Android phones: Android 6.0 or later and compatible to OTG
  • Video game consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.) with HDMI port
  • Desktop computers / laptops (Apple Mac & Macbook, etc.) with HDMI port


  • GLOW Plus: Mixed Reality Smart Glasses (Black)
  • Type-C cable
  • Heat protector

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