MagiMask + MagiTools: AR Headset & Tracker Objects for $89 July 07, 2020 at 02:00AM

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Explore a world of opportunities with MagiMask and MagiTools.
MagiMask is an immersive, high resolution Augmented Reality headset for your smartphone that is perfect for watching movies, TV, & full-screen augmented reality experiences. Featuring full-screen AR optics and full resolution that's 4x higher than split-screen VRs, MagiMask takes you to a whole different digital world. It comes with MagiTools: MagiTile, MagiDice, and MagiKard, which ensure stable tracking of models and allow you to physically interact with whatever you're viewing.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with over 1.4k backers!

  • MagiMask: Full resolution 4x higher than split-screen VRs
  • MagiTools: Physical tracker objects that allow you to easily interact w/ the digital world
  • Universal phone mount: Adjusts to your AR-compatible smartphone
  • Recommended Portable Cinema Viewing Apps: Netflix, HBO, Hulu, VLC, YouTube, YouTube 360, & Amazon Prime
  • Recommended Augmented Reality Apps: Sketchfab, Augment, Kubity, IKEA, Alone, Holo, Sketch AR, Geogebra AR, Jig Space, Civilizations AR, Visible Body AR, Dinopark AR, & Enter the room
  • Gaming & Drones: Grand Theft Auto (With Bluetooth Controller), Fortnite (With Bluetooth Controller), DJI (Navigate Drone With Controller, Connect To DJI app)
  • Ludenso Create: Create 3D models & view your masterpiece in AR on the MagiTile with your iPad.


  • GadgetFlow: "This high-quality headset is a great way to start experiencing AR content. You get an unhindered view of the action, and it’s super affordable."
  • WIRED: "MagiMask, augmented reality on smartphones like you've never seen it before"
  • Venture Beat: "The result is a larger, clearer image with far better resolution"



  • Color: black
  • Materials: PMMA, EVA, plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.9"H x 7.1"L x 4.3"W
  • Full resolution
  • Works w/ full screen apps
  • Unique optical solution
  • Can be used w/ glasses
  • Universal smartphone holder
  • MagiTools: MagiTile, MagiDice, MagiKard
  • Check apps here
  • Manufacturer's 1-year warranty


  • MagiMask AR Headset
  • MagiTools tracker objects (MagiTile, MagiDice, MagiKards)

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