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The world is changing and we have to start adapting to a new, more germ-conscious way of living. Whether you're using elevator buttons, ATM machines, or simply pulling open doors, you're more likely to contact bacteria since these are all shared surfaces. Designed by a retired NY City Paramedic, the Hygiene Hand is made entirely from a solid piece of brass which is inherently antimicrobial, to help decrease the spreading of germs while performing some of your everyday tasks. Hygiene Hand has a flat stylus tip for pressing buttons and keys, door hook for pulling handles, and a finger hole for ease of use. It also has a keyring loop so you can attach it to your daily items.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter at $570,261

  • Made from brass w/ 70%copper that's naturally antimicrobial
  • Flat stylus tip for pressing buttons in elevators, ATM machines & more
  • Door hook for pulling handles & doors
  • Finger hole supports ease of use
  • Keyring loop allows easy attachment to any item & quick access when needed
Note: There are no specific medical claims that Hygiene Hand will cure, treat, or in itself prevent anyone from being infected with the Coronavirus or other pathogens. Hygiene Hand is suggested as a tool to help avoid direct contact with shared surfaces.


Everyday Carry: "If you're looking for ways to switch up your EDC to protect yourself and others while practicing social distancing and quarantining, adding the StatGear Hygiene Hand to your kit can come in."

Trend Hunter: "The StatGear Hygiene Hand is a piece of everyday carry (EDC) equipment that will enable users to live a healthier lifestyle by avoiding interaction with common surfaces that could be covered in germs."



  • Color: brass
  • Materials: brass (70% copper, 30% zinc)
  • Product dimensions: 1.3"H x 3"L x 0.3"W
  • Inherently antimicrobial
  • 100% recyclable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • EDC tool
  • Convenient design: flat stylus tip, door hook, keyring loop, finger hole
  • Durable
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty


  • 1x Hygiene Hand

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