Omni 20+ Multi-Port/Wireless 20,000mAh Power Bank for $199 August 24, 2019 at 02:00AM

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The Omni 20+ Power Bank lets you charge most devices all at the same time, wirelessly or not. Equipped with a high powered 60W USB-C port, a 100W AC outlet, and a fast, seamless wireless charging, it is the perfect power companion for your daily activities. The Omni 20+ is also a smart power bank with its state of the art technology that lets you monitor everything that's happening on your power bank. With its Patented 11 Layers of Protection, the Omni 20+ will keep itself and your devices safe, in any situation.

  • Charge your USB-C laptop straight from the Omni 20+ 60W USB-C port
  • Eliminates the need to carry bulky & heavy power adapters w/ the 100W max adjustable DC output
  • Fast charge your phones, tablets & more w/ the USB-A port equipped with QC 3.0
  • Wirelessly charge your phone by simply placing it on top of the Omni 20+



  • Materials: Li-Ion battery
  • Product dimensions: 1.1"H x 5"L x 4.8"W
  • Battery capacity: 20,000mAh
  • Lifecycle: 500 times (depleted to 70% of original capacity)
  • Shelf-life: 1 year after full charge
  • AC/HVDC outlet
    • Output: 120V, 60Hz, modified sine wave
    • HVDC output: 150V
    • Continuous output power: 100W
  • USB-C port
    • Input: USB-PD, 5V – 9V – 12V – 15V – 20V, up to 3A, 40W max
    • Output: USB-PD, 5V – 9V – 12V – 15V – 20V, up to 3A, 60W max
  • USB-A output
    • Ports 1 & 2: QC 3.0 compatible 18W max
  • 5.5 x 2.1mm Barrel Port
    • Input: 4.5V – 36V, up to 3A (2W – 45W)
    • Output: Adjustable 5V – 25V with 0.1 Accuracy, up to 5A (100W max)
  • Wireless charging output: 10W max
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS


  • Omni 20+ MultiPort/Wireless 20,000mAh Power Bank
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-C cable

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