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Charby Sense is a cable that prolongs your battery life, charges faster, and is built to last longer than standard cables. What else is there to say!? We'll add in that this cable stops charging automatically when your phone is fully charged so as to not wear down your battery and it features a built-in charge booster while using your laptop.

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  • Double charging speed w/ the push of a button when connected to laptop
  • Auto cut-off when the battery is charged
  • Charging speed detection via LED indicator
  • Reversible USB-A design
  • Tough cable supports a tangle-free design
  • Supports Qualcomm QC 3.0 & 2.4A fast charging



  • Connector: Lightning to USB-A
  • Length: 4'
  • Copper wires: AWG22 power wires and AWG28 data wires
  • Bend cycle test: 15,000
  • Plug test: 10,000


  • Apple Lightning devices


  • Charby Sense cable (black/Lightning)

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