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Reading can open doors to ourselves and new opportunities but it's tough to find the time to plow through your entire book list. Insider School does the hard work for you. They churn through the best personal development books, taking notes, distilling it all to actionable takeaways in bite-sized, five-minute videos. These videos cover a range of topics — motivation, decision-making, entrepreneurship, self-development, habits — so you can get a comprehensive, actionable education in just a few minutes each day.

  • Learn more in a week than most people do in a year through traditional reading
  • Get short, actionable steps distilled from the most popular books delivered straight to your inbox Monday-Friday
  • Build momentum on subsequent videos


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Brandon Hakim is on a mission to give you the education you'll never get in school. Since finishing college in 2012, he uncovered a learning technique called "Insider Learning." This helped him read over 1,000 books to uncover actionable "Insider Secrets" you can use to upgrade your life today. His courses have been taken by over 140,000 people across several online platforms.

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