ShiftCam 2.0: 6-in-1 Lens Travel Set & Front-Facing Lens for $59 March 05, 2019 at 02:00AM

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Level up your smartphone photography with ShiftCam 2.0. Whether you're looking to document your trip abroad or just snap the perfect selfie, ingenious case and lens kit gives you the right lens for the job. You can capture more content in your selfies with the front-facing wide-angle lens, and use the travel lens set to unlock a new world of photographic capabilities. Add a fun, fisheye effect your photos with the 180° fisheye lens, use the macro lenses to take amazingly detailed shots, or just get a better zoom with the 2x telephoto lens.

  • Use the front-facing wide-angle lens to capture more content in selfies
  • Get a better zoom w/ the 2x telephoto lens
  • Add a fun fisheye effect to your shots w/ the 180° fisheye lens
  • Use the 10x & 20x macro lenses to take stunningly detailed photos
  • Capture more content in your photos w/ the 120° wide-angle lens



  • 120° wide-angle lens
  • 2x telephoto lens
  • 2x telephoto lens
  • 180° fisheye lens
  • 10x macro lens
  • 20x macro lens
  • Front-facing wide-angle lens


  • iPhone X only
  • Note: Case is not compatible with the iPhone Xs


  • iPhone case
  • Front-facing wide-angle lens
  • Travel lens set
  • Magnetic lens cap
  • Wrist strap

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