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Metal DIY Model Kit for $84 January 13, 2021 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 14, 2121 07:59 PST Buy now and get 14% off KEY FEATURES If you want to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages, you don’t need to fight tooth and nail; you can play hockey with medieval knights on the greek field. Play Medieval Hockey with your noble rival without the risk of literally losing your head with this metal DIY model. This game can give you both amusement and thrill. The game has 6 players that can be moved by turning the levers on the field's sides. Are you ready to score some good old-fashioned medieval goals? Get ready to be addicted to this game. One move and you’re unable to stop! Play medieval hockey with your noble rival without losing your head This game gives you both amusement & thrill With 6 players that can be moved by turning the levers on the side Score some good old-fashioned medieval goals Get ready to be addicted to this game PRODUCT SPECS Specs Design: Medieval Hockey Color: silver Materials: pol

Notevibes Text to Speech Personal Pack: Lifetime Subscription for $69 January 13, 2021 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 14, 2121 07:59 PST Buy now and get 87% off KEY FEATURES Notevibes is an advanced platform with a simple interface that converts text to speech in seconds. You can add pauses, change speed & pitch, and add emphasis and voice control. The converted audio is available for MP3 and WAV download. With 1,200,000 characters, 177 premium voices, and 18 languages available, the Personal Pack is perfect for private listening and personal eLearning. Make human-like audio with 177 voices & 18 languages Languages include English, German, Spanish, Dutcch, French, Italian, & more Generate realistic male & female voices on the fly High-fidelity speech synthesis Save audio as MP3 or WAV with one click Customize your speech with pitch & voice speed controls Make your speech faster or slower, take control of voice volume Use it for e-Learning or essay reading, word pronounces training Keep your files safe for 14 days. Never lo

The Power User PC Software Bundle for $59 January 13, 2021 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires April 14, 2021 06:59 PST Buy now and get 90% off Stellar Data Recovery Standard KEY FEATURES Stellar Data Recovery is an easy-to-use Windows data recovery software to get back lost documents, emails, photos, videos & many more from HDD, USB, memory card, and other devices. It's the most trusted data recovery tool to retrieve data from all types of Windows-based internal and external storage drives. It conducts a quick and deep scan of all the files and displays them in a neat, well-sorted view which helps you quickly identify the relevant files for recovery. Regain data from all types of hard drive & SSD storage Recover data from SD/memory cards, USB drives & more Retrieve data from inaccessible & RAW storage drives Recovers documents, PDFs, photos, videos, & more Allows selective recovery of files as per user's choice Previews recoverable files to facilitate precise recovery How It Works Select the type

Metal Vehicle DIY Model Kit for $99 January 13, 2021 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 14, 2121 07:59 PST Buy now and get 16% off KEY FEATURES Luxury with no frills is a sign of aristocratic nobility. And this is about the Luxury Roadster inspired by Bentley Speed Six - a real racing superstar of its times. Listening to the beating of its metal heart is like music to the ears. The feel of its glossy surface's perfect smoothness is certainly exquisite. This metal vehicle has already heard the words in the world, may it be whispers of love, tender confessions, or heartwarming vows. This luxury roadster has rubber wheels to drive as fast as lightning and do some soft curves. With the combination of artificial leather and high-quality decoration, its historical value is greatly emphasized. Inspired by the Betley Speed Six race car Combined artificial leather & high-quality decoration emphasized its historical value immensely Rubber wheels enable it to drive as fast as lightning & do some soft curves Its metal hea

Verv Premium Home Workout Planner: Lifetime Subscription for $39 January 13, 2021 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 14, 2121 07:59 PST Buy now and get 96% off KEY FEATURES If you’ve ever wondered how to get fit and healthy with minimal effort, look no further. Verv is your all-in-one solution for that. It features four building blocks – physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness – all defined by simplicity, effectiveness, and personalization. Choose what you like from an extensive library of solutions for a healthier lifestyle: Wide Range of Fitness Workouts Large variety of at-home exercises for weight loss Body-toning fitness programs for all trouble zones Collection of workouts with resistance bands Unique 30-day fitness challenges to keep your motivation high Running & Walking Sessions A wide range of training programs for weight loss & body tone Interval trainings with audio instructions Detailed stats for progress tracking Custom-made plans made for your goals Meal Plans for Every Taste Delicious recipes with prep time

Elocance Audio Reading App: Lifetime Subscription for $34 January 13, 2021 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires May 12, 2021 07:00 PST Buy now and get 91% off KEY FEATURES Maximize your time and focus on learning and listening. Elocance is a mobile app that turns all your content into a podcast instantly. From 12-page emails to meeting reports, notes, or web articles, everything you turn into audio can now save you time. Curate your own content and save everything in one place. Create audio playlists you can listen to during your commute while exercising or running errands. Look up from your screen and stay productive at the same time. Save your content for later Turn everything (articles, PDFs, newsletters, emails, & more) to audio HD voice options & accents Create audio playlists Popular newsletters directly in the app 4.4/5 stars on App Store: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Featured on L'ADN, Les Echos, 20 Minutes, LCI, Maddyness, and more Feature on Product Hunt with 681 upvotes PRODUCT SPECS System Requirements iOS 10.3 or later Android 5.0

Motorola FOCUS86 WiFi HD Home Monitoring Camera with Digital Zoom for $86 January 12, 2021 at 02:00AM

Checkout Now Expires January 13, 2121 07:59 PST Buy now and get 13% off KEY FEATURES The Motorola FOCUS86 is a remote Wi-Fi® camera that turns any compatible internet-enabled device into a fully functional home video monitor. Download the easy to use Hubble App and enjoy remote HD (1080p) video streaming on compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers. Have a sense of security in your home with sound, motion, and room temperature notifications, and record and store video in 1080p full HD using a microSD card. Infrared night vision and two-way communication allow you to monitor and communicate with family and pets at your home night and day, from wherever you are. Motion Detection. Notification is sent to your device & snapshot is sent to the Hubble app Sound Detection. Picks up even the softest sounds, helping your mind at ease Room Temperature Detection. Send alerts if it gets too hot or too cold Two-Way Communication. Helps you stay connected to your f