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Blips LabKit 2: Macro/Micro Lens & Glass Slide Set for $50 November 21, 2020 at 02:00AM

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Blips LabKit 2 is the most complete solution for exploring the micro-world. It comes with 4 lenses with different power. The micro lens kit includes a 20x micro lens and a 33x ultra lens so you can use your phone as a real microscope. On the other hand, the macro lenses, 5x and 10x, are useful when focusing on close distances and little details. LabsKit 2 also comes with a phone and tablet stage plus a set of glass slides. It's just like setting up your own microscope in the modern world.

  • Micro Lens Kit. Ultra (33x) and Micro (20x) lenses; use your phone like a digital microscope
  • Macro Lens Kit. Two Macro lenses (5x, 10x); see living microorganisms or even blood cells on prepared slide
  • Phone/Tablet Stage. Allows an easy alignment between light source & camera
  • Glass Slides. 3 glass slides (botanical, histological, & zoological) & 2 for your experiments



  • Color: clear
  • Materials: plastic
  • Box: 5.9" x 4.7" x 2.4"
  • Lenses & magnification
    • Ultra: 33x
    • Micro: 20x
    • Macro: 10x
    • Macro Plus: 5x
  • Phone/tablet stage
    • With screws
    • Easy alignment
    • 3x stands
    • Soft rubber pads
  • Glass slides
    • 3 for botanical, histological, zoological
    • 2 for experiment
  • Transparent foils


  • 4x Lenses (Macro, Macro Plus, Micro, Ultra Blips)
  • Phone/Tablet Stage
  • Glass Slides
    • 3x Prepared
    • 2x Plain
  • Pipette (4ml)
  • Light source (batteries included)
  • Plastic frame
  • Replacement adhesive tape

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